The Company

Flat Earth Sails have their origins from a history of Australian sea kayaks covering distances in Tasmania ,Bass Strait and Victoria . These early sea kayakers used sails, over the last 14 years flat earth sails have been modifying and improving into what we have to offer today. I’m primarily a sea kayaker first and a sail maker second.

Why Use a Sail?

Kayak sails offer a greater variety of options for your kayaking and canoeing. Whether it is a day expedition just for the joy of blasting along downwind with 20 knots behind you or a slow mellow sail across the lake, Flat Earth Kayak Sails has the perfect sail for you.

Flat Earth Sails have been the choice of numerous Bass Strait crossings; one team leader won’t let people go if they don’t have a sail on board!
It’s a safety tool as well; it can help to conserve energy for when it’s needed at the end of a long day’s paddle.

We have several proven designs, which have performed well on expeditions, but it doesn’t stop there. We are always looking for new ideas, incorporating better design features and working with kayak designers and listening to paddlers as to what to change or modify for better performance and usability.

We also offer the choice of custom building a sail for you. If there is a design you want made, or if there is something different you want to incorporate into one of our designs don’t hesitate to contact us.